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Dakos the famous

You can order it as a salad or as an appetizer. For sure you should not miss it. One of my favorite small plates which is now a part of my weekly basis diet. I have tried in Crete and I am sure that you are going to need the recipe.

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stavros beach chania
Trust Alexis Zorba

Some say it’s not the best beach near Chania but certainly is my favorite. After all this blog is all about exposing my personal opinion and I think that Mr Alexis Zorba and I we agree that the beach in Stavros is a really unique place.

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Marathi – Relaxed and Beautiful

During my visit to southern Crete I was looking for a spot to crash, not very crowdie, just to spend some time on the beach relaxing. The choice was Marathi.

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Tsikoudia – right on!

Tsikoudia is tightly binded with Cretan hospitality and believe me it is delightful to be part of this “24/7” celebration! Grape based alcoholic beverage, that must be a part of your holidays during your visit in Crete.

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10 useful greek words for tourists
10 Useful Greek Words for Visitors

Travelling is always fun! What’s more fun? To have the ability to communicate with people in their own language! It can break the ice and create a very warm atmosphere!

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