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Cycling in Crete – Bike Tours

Going on a cycling holiday can be a much more interesting and relaxing vacation than a city break. Instead of fighting your way through the crowds and spending hours queuing to get into popular museums, you can take a tour through beautiful scenery and enjoy the benefits of exercise. Or if you’re feeling less energetic, […]

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Hiking in Chania Crete

Crete makes a wonderful destination for hikers, thanks to its beauty and climate. Once you get away from the developed resorts you’ll find plenty of unspoilt areas to explore, whether you want a gentle hike or a challenge. Some hiking trails are in popular areas, such as the Samariá Gorge, so you may have to […]

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Scuba diving in Chania

On hearing the word scuba diving, the eyes of tourists who like adventure glitters with joy and excitement. Scuba diving is basically a mode of underwater diving when a scuba diver carries his own breathing apparatus known as scuba, which is required for uninterrupted underwater breathing. Scuba diving is not only used professionally for research […]

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