Scuba Diving For Non Certified Divers Chania Crete

Chania, Crete, Greece


Scuba Diving in Chania Crete

Group 2-10 people

We offer high quality training to new divers who want to experience scuba diving and also divers who wish to continue their training in recreational scuba and technical diving in Chania, Crete. Our center is the main cooperator of S.S.I (Scuba Schools International), I.A.N.T.D (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers) and G.U.E (Global Underwater Explorers), for scuba diving in Crete. We are the only ones in Chania who can cover 30 to 40 different sites, as canyons, walls, caverns, caves, shipwrecks, airplane wrecks and more, able to fulfil open water up to trimix divers. Our crew (dive masters and instructors) are the only ones trained to guide divers into caverns and caves.

For non certified divers we have the try scuba program. It is a program that allows you to get in and experience scuba under the direct supervision of one of our instructors, without committing to the full certification program and it is a shore dive. You will get to breath underwater and use the scuba equipment on a shallow dive (max 9 meters) as well as learn some of the very basics of diving. We organize morning or afternoon trips. The morning one starts at 9:00 and finishes at 13:00. In the afternoon we start at 14:00 and end at 18:00. The try scuba program is taking place in two very nice sites at Macherida, with big variety of sponges, corals, fishes and a lot of marine life. The try scuba program includes one dive.

Also, for non certified divers we have the try scuba program plus snorkeling plus boat trip. For an unforgettable scuba dive experience, snorkel and relax before and after your first dive. Guided snorkeling and our shady rib boat will create a memorable day for you. We organize morning or afternoon trips. The morning one starts at 9:00 and finishes at 14:30. In the afternoon we start at 15:00 and end at 19:00. A family with children below 10 years old can ask for a snorkeling program for them.

We maximize the level of safety and pleasure to every each of the divers with the quidance of one leader per maximum 3 people from the beginning to the end of the trip!

Instrustors can offer certification program of all levels. Ask for certification program.

The activity is available all the year.

Try scuba program:
2-4 people 70 Euro/person.
Try scuba program plus snorkeling plus boat trip:
2-4 people 95 Euro/person.
Snorkeling program:
2-4 people 45 Euro/person.

5-10 people 10% discount in all programs.
Ask for private price for 5 or less people of a group of friends/family.

Prices include
30 minutes theory on basics of scuba diving.
Boat scuba diving (for scuba program plus snorkeling plus boat trip).
Full needed equipment.
Guided snorkeling (for scuba program plus snorkeling plus boat trip)/scuba diving tour by professionals dive masters and instructors.
Snack and water during the break.
Full insurance.

Supplies charged separately
For try scuba program plus snorkeling plus boat trip, there is the ability to use the new snorkeling ”Aria ocean reef” mask which never gets fogy, never gets water in the eyes and you have an absolutely amazing view field of almost 180° with an extra cost of 10 €.

Free transfer?
Yes. Pick up and drop off at your apartment/hotel/villa in a distance up to 20km (area of Kolympari) from the dive center.  


Do not forget
Your swimwear and towels.
Your best mood!

Terms of instructors
Costumers are required to know swimming.
Medical Questionnaire must be supplemented.
Registration Form must be completed.
Children are allowed to dive from 10 years old and above.
The instructor can  postpone or cancel the trip due to weather conditions or due to any other well-founded reason. For this reason try to book a trip on the first days of your stay in local prefecture.

In case of instructors’ cancelation, all charges are refunded.

Owner message:

Cretan seas are perfect for scuba diving activities in Crete all year round!!!
Come to enjoy with us an unforgettable scuba diving experience in Chania, Crete, get full of life and find out that scuba classes are right for you!!!!!!

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